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Every month for members there is a free giveaway that everyone is automatically entered into. In addition, you can join spontaneous giveaways that happen throughout the year – even if you aren’t a member yet! All current giveaways will be posted below as well as future ones. And at the bottom of the page you can find the previous giveaways.

Current Giveaway

Keep an eye out on this page to see what awesome items are coming up for the month!

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Upcoming GIveaways

Duel Decks Contest

As part of the upcoming selection of new members, we’re holding a contest for packs of Duel Decks from Wizards of the Coast. Each pack contains two carefully crafted deck ready to play immediately! If you get friends to sign up through you, you both get points towards receiving one! If you get enough points, you get a deck no matter what!

Coming Soon
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
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Coming Soon!

Past giveaways

Last giveaway was a spontaneous free membership! We’ll update you by email if another giveaway like this becomes available, so don’t miss our weekly updates! 

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